Trump has criticized bid process for the cloud-computing contract as potentially biased toward Amazon

The US department of defense says the defense secretary, Mark Esper, is reviewing the bid process for the militarys $10bn cloud-computing contract.

Donald Trump has criticized the process, citing complaints from other companies, as potentially biased toward Amazon. The e-commerce giant and Microsoft have been competing for the contract, known as the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure plan, or Jedi.

In a statement, the Pentagon spokeswoman Elissa Smith said that no decision will be made on the program until the review is complete. Esper has previously said he wants to take a hard look at the Jedi contract.

The Washington Post reported on Thursday, citing anonymous sources, that the White House ordered the Pentagon review. The Amazon founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos, owns the Post.

Amazon did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Trump said earlier this month that the administration will take a very long look at the contract, citing tremendous complaints about the process from companies that are no longer in the running. Oracle and IBM were eliminated from an earlier round of competition, leaving Amazon and Microsoft as the two finalists.

The week before Trumps comments, a federal judge tossed out a second challenge by Oracle alleging that the bidding process was rigged in Amazons favor. Some in Congress, however, have expressed concerns about potential conflicts of interest.

The Pentagon had previously said it plans to award the contract as soon as 23 August. It is not clear if the review will delay the process.



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