Englands goalkeeper Karen Bardsley has expressed misgivings about the use of VAR to judge the movement of goalkeepers

Englands goalkeeper Karen Bardsley has expressed misgivings about the use of VAR to judge the movement of goalkeepers, saying it seems cruel and pedantic.

Scotlands hopes of making the last 16 of the World Cup disappeared when Argentina re-took and scored an injury-time penalty which had been saved by Lee Alexander after the goalkeeper was seen to have moved off her line too soon. It followed similar VAR-driven retakes by France and Italy against Nigeria and Jamaica respectively, both of which were also converted at the second attempt.

For something so new to be introduced on such a big stage, its kind of hard to get your head around it in terms of changing habits, said Bardsley.

The Manchester City player, speaking after Englands 2-0 win over Japan, added: We were briefed by the referees and they did mention that if we do move off the line. But if its a toenail Fingers crossed, fortunately nothing has really happened to us, but it just seems cruel. And so pedantic.

Bardsley said she did not pay attention to the precise position of her feet when facing a penalty. I dont think people are thinking about it in the moment. Weve always been able to move laterally but its strange to crack down on it.

The Premier League will not use VAR to judge goalkeepers movements at penalties next season, leaving those decisions to on-field officials, although it will review its approach during the campaign.

Bardsley, appearing at her third World Cup, has been hugely impressed with the quality on display from her fellow goalkeepers. Its like everyone has been bagging on us for so long that were just like: We will show you, she said. It just goes to show how much the womens game has improved over the years. Outstanding goalkeepers, fantastic reaction saves. The Argentina keeper was absolutely outstanding [against England] youve got to give credit where its due. She made phenomenal saves.

Bardsley says she cannot judge whether an improvement in the quality of goalkeeper coaching has led to an overall rise in standards but believes she has benefited in that regard at City. My coach certainly helped my game evolve from a relatively old-school style to a more modern style of goalkeeping, she said.

Pressed on what old school means, she said: When youre constantly jumping over cones or it looks like they can land aeroplanes where youre training, or jumping over hurdles.

Theres a time and a place for it, dont get me wrong, but youre really starting to incorporate different techniques from handball and futsal. Its about timing more than anything else. Those little intricacies are slowly being picked up in the womens game and its kind of going unnoticed.

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If the introduction of a goalkeeper accolade at the Fifa Best awards has buoyed performances, that does not apply to Bardsley, who had not noticed its existence. Thats cool, she said. Its just a popularity contest at the end of the day. Thats what it seems like. Im not fussed about awards, I just want to win a medal and a trophy.

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