As ABC’s “How to Get Away with Murder” winds to a close, actor Jack Falahee is hard at work on his next act.

Turns out, Falahee ― who has played law student-slash-“manwhore homosexual” Connor Walsh on “How to Get Away with Murder” for six seasons ― is a sultry singer, too. The Michigan native reconnected with a longtime friend, Tim Wu (better known as the DJ and record producer Elephante), to create a joint musical project, Diplomacy.

As Diplomacy, Falahee and Wu released their debut single, “Silver Lake Queen,” this week. The pair sport 1950s rockabilly duds in the accompanying music video, which also features dancer Sadie Yarrington as the mysterious woman referenced in the song’s title.

Though he and Wu have been friends since childhood, Falahee said the idea of collaborating professionally seemed like “a knee-jerk idea” at first. His opinion shifted, however, as the pair began writing music for their first EP, which will combine rock, pop and dance elements and is slated for a 2020 release.

Tim Wu (left), who is best known as the DJ and record producer Elephante, teamed up with actor Jack Falahee to create a joint musical project, Diplomacy.

“A lot of [our writing] deals with looking back at stories that we tell ourselves and our past,” Falahee told Billboard in an interview published Tuesday. “Also, the uncertainty of our careers and what the future holds.”

“We have different stories,” Wu added. “I really like the idea of Diplomacy as almost the art of negotiating or bringing together two sides, whether that be the acting world and the music world.”

The idea for “Silver Lake Queen” originated with a real-life woman Falahee recently encountered in Los Angeles.

“She had this magnetic, almost otherworldly swagger,” he said. “We wanted the video to echo that same sort of attitude.”

In July, ABC announced that the sixth season of “How to Get Away with Murder” would be the show’s last. Falahee, for his part, has made a distinct effort to branch out into new creative endeavors. He received praise for his role in a Washington, D.C., stage production of Evan Linder’s comedy “Byhalia, Mississippi” this summer.   

As for Diplomacy, the duo plan to follow up “Silver Lake Queen” with two additional singles in early 2020. A four-song EP is set to follow in February. 



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